A path to integration

for our Latino Community

Since 2013...

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HA.P.I is a Cultural and Educational Integration Program

based on English learning 

specifically created for the Arizona Latino Community


we do integration


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What our students say about HA.P.I

Hector, Level 2

“The most important change is that I can now speak directly with customers and with my boss.

Before, I always needed someone to translate, now I don’t.” 

“Last week at a school conference, I did not need a translator. I understood everything. And now I can call the school when my son is sick.”

“I told my new friend: “at school you will learn slowly, at the “HA.P.I School” it goes fast”. 

Juliana, Level 3

Jonathan, Level 4

Email: annedefrance.hapi@icloud.com   |   Phone: 480-548-3556  |  Tempe, Arizona

HA.P.I is 501(c)3 non-profit. Copyright 2019